Quality Policy


In order to fulfill the changing and developing needs and expectations of our customers and employers at the highest level, ALANYA TELEFERİK CO. commits to;
  • Constantly improve itself without compromising training on quality, environment and job safety issues with the participation of our employees, suppliers and contractors,
  • Make our company more active and recognizable in target markets by providing the infrastructure and training support for our employees to have the working ability and capacity according to the required standards,
  • Optimize new technology and equipment-use in all sectors that we operate,
  • Manage constant development and job diversity by developing new projects,
  • Simplify the system and guarantee its easier and effective applicability by all of our employees,
  • Establish an information storage to improve reporting, archiving and tabulation works in all works performed by our Company and for our personnel to access retroactive documents and information more easily,
  • Accomplish the determined targets on time and produce solutions effectively without compromising the Quality, Environmental and Job Health and Safety Management Systems,
  • Complying with Job Health and Safety and Environmental Health issues and all national and local regulations and the regulations of the concerned parties affecting our quality and activities,
  • Do environment and job health and safety risk analyses in all of our line of work,
  • Control the environmental effects, job health and safety risks in all of our line of work and reduce and monitor these risks,
  • Achieve the safety of our personnel working anywhere that imposes job health and safety risks and achieve the safety of our suppliers, contractors, visitors and the local people in the scope of field studies,
  • Encourage that our suppliers, employers, contractors and all of our personnel who work temporarily or permanently to be responsible for the environment.