Vision & Mission


Our vision: Alanya Cable Car aims to become a leading brand in the tourism and cable car industries worldwide by offering sustainable and innovative transportation solutions. We aim to make travel experiences more enjoyable, safe and environmentally friendly by prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Our mission:

  1. To provide easy, fast and comfortable access to tourist areas in and around Alanya.
  2. To develop tourism opportunities without harming nature, with a focus on sustainability and environmental awareness.
  3. To provide high standard services and continuous improvements to ensure customer satisfaction.
  4. To cooperate with local and international stakeholders in the tourism industry to promote and support the development of tourist values.
  5. To adopt innovative technologies and transportation methods, taking on a leading role in the industry.
  6. To provide service with a team of experts and motivated employees by valuing their development and training.
  7. To contribute to the preservation of cultural and historical values for future generations.